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Deception Pass, Fidalgo Island, Aug 17, 2008.

Our first group outing!  We took Dave and Cindy out for lunch in Cornet Bay, through the mighty maelstrom of Deception Pass, through Rosario Strait, around Fidalgo Island, down the Swinomish Channel, and around Shelter Bay.

The day started out beautifully sunny and warm, not oppressively hot like the day before.

McGlinn Island in the Swinomish Channel.
 McGlinn Island

Once we left the Channel and turned into Skagit Bay, the weather turned chilly, windy, and cloudy.

Deception Pass Bridge (Route 20)
Deception Pass

We stopped at Cornet Bay and hooked up to a moorage buoy. Because it was our first time with the boat hook, it took us a few tries to figure out which line and which cleats to use and keep the smoke out of the boat.  The wind would occasionally turn the boat, so our window view changed regularly.  Passing boats would send ripples our way, and we enjoyed the glug-glug noises of the boat's hull.

Cornet Bay

Though we had calculated slack tide, a leisurely start and a leisurely lunch meant that we were a few hours late. These pictures don't show the maelstroms of Deception Pass. At times, the water splashed higher than the side windows!

Deception Pass

a 15s video of Deception Pass:

Soon, we reached Rosario Strait e the where the water was choppy.

Lighthouse in Rosario Strait




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