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Olympia, Kingston, and La Conner, June 14-15, 2008.

With fuel prices going sky high, we decided that it was better to take the gas hit once rather than every time we wanted to go to the San Juan Islands.  At the time of purchase, the boat was moored at Zittel's Marina in Olympia.  We had taken a few short cruises in the South Sound, and now we were excited to see the north end.

Saturday started cloudy but warm.  We couldn't complain, because it wasn't raining like the past few weekends.

Our first stop was at the gas pump to top up.

Fuel Dock


Tacoma Narrows from the south

Tacoma Narrows

The underside of the new Tacoma Narrows bridge: Korean engineering!

Tacoma Narrows underside


We were careful to stay out of the shipping lanes to avoid behemoths like this.

cargo ship


Alki Point and the Space Needle

West Seattle and the Space Needle


Elliot Bay and Downtown Seattle

Seattle Waterfront

seattle waterfront

seattle waterfront

seattle waterfront

seattle waterfront

seattle waterfront

seattle waterfront


West Point and Shilshole Bay

west point


Boat-cross in Shilshole Bay


Knee draggin'


The Victoria Clipper clipping along

Victoria Clipper


The Kingston Marina in Apple Tree Cove was a beautiful, clean place next to the Kingston Ferry Terminal.  For $20, we had shore power, water, WiFi, and friendly neighbors.  The morning clouds had burned away and left us with a beautiful blue sky with nary a cloud.

apple tree cove

relaxing in kingston

end of Day 1


Sunday was beautifully sunny and the waters were still.  In addition, there was a striated pattern that was reminiscent of muscle.

striated waters


Nehalennia east of Sandy Point




Todd's pictures of Halcyona.  Thanks Todd!





One of many landscape photos

island bluff


Float plane

float plane


Tug in Skagit Bay creating waves and wakes.  No one dared to pass except for us.  :)  Actually, all of Skagit Bay was littered with crab pots, which made it difficult to pass.



A real crab boat!

crab pot


The entrance to Hole in the Wall in the Swinomish Channel

hole in the wall


Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

rainbow bridge


Home Sweet Home

la conner




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