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Longbranch, WA, April 26-27, 2008.

The IBoatNW crew came to Longbranch for the local Sail and Power Squadron safety inspections.  A knowledgeable fellow completed a safety inspection of my boat, and it passed with flying colors. The inspector checked to see that the boat had three flares, two fire extinguishers, a first aid kit, and stickers all over.

After completing the inspection, we proceeded to the good stuff. The weekend was full of good company, good food, and good beer from Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown - which fueled many good stories into the cold night.

The captain on the flybridge


No Name at guest moorage.

No Name at Longbranch

Rainy and Mary did some kayak exploration for relaxation and much amusement!  Thanks, Garry and Loraine, for sharing such fun!


The history of Longbranch. This text is very similar to what appears in Jo Bailey's Gunkholing in the Sound Puget Sound book.


The location of Longbranch Wharf.


The view of Mt Rainier and the wharf.

Mt Rainier

Trees along Longbranch Wharf KP road.


The stories that this house could tell....

old barn

This looks like a great motorcycle road too.

KP road

More silent houses.

old barn 2

At last, it was time for the potluck dinner.  I brought my trademark ribs prepared with a secret recipe, Sweet Baby Ray's.


Demonstrating the tenacity of life.


Demonstrating the small, but beautiful, things in life.


Admiring the sunset from a bird's point of view.


The IBoatNW crew


The view of Mt Rainier from the Longbranch Wharf


The Cooks' dog, Cooper


Starfish hunting with Mila and Luke


This bucket contained crabs, snails, lots of jellyfish, starfish, seaweed, and anything that a few 5-year-olds could fish out of the water with a net.  Tons of fun!

even more starfish

The view of Longbranch as we leave.



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