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Kitsap Hood Canal Adventure Touring

Total Miles 240

Photos courtesy of Bluesurf, FJMahn, DantesDame, Jeickerman.


March 5th 2005

A fine pre-spring day just like many of the other days this early spring 2005. We've been fortunate with above seasonal temperatures and below normal rain fall. So once again a group of ST.N'rs scheduled a group ride to enjoy some great roads and fantastic weather.


We met up at the Starbucks in Federal Way. It was a very nice turnout with about 14 riders total. Our route took us from Federal Way via I-5 to Hwy 16 across the Tacoma Narrows bridge. We met a couple of more people just across the bridge in  Wauna. From there we proceeded to Shelton for Gas and a quick regroup. From there we followed the GPS on a route that, well. looked great on a GPS. Lot's of twisty roads and elevation changes. However the roads turned out to be gravel and dirt forest service roads.


Undaunted our intrepid group forged on for twenty plus miles of off road adventure touring! It was worth it though. The views were great, and we found some new and interesting places. One bridge we stopped at offer a breathtaking view of the canyon several hundred feet below.


I was never really worried about dropping the FJR in the dirt and gravel, but I was concerned about cutting a tire and having to get the bike out of the back woods. But all was fine, and there was no incidents for anybody along the way. We followed the GPS to several dead ends and road closures only to have to turn back and go out the way we came in.
Lesson learned. Don't trust the GPS explicitly. Local knowledge is always helpful.


After the off-roading adventure, it was off to lunch. We had spent to much time going slow and it was getting late. We pulled into Belfair and sampled the local burger joint. Quite edible actually! After lunch the group split up with some heading north, others south and the rest back to the eastside. All in all it was a blast, and the riding company was great. I always look forward to riding with folks from Sport-touring.net


Here's the roster:

Captain Obvious
Ghost Rider

Nauti Buoy
Uncle Bob


Slurping coffee pre-ride


At Wauna

The route


The view is fantastic!


Big mud puddles


Long way down.....


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